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Application and Database Design based in Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Database Consulting
At the start of any database project it is vitally important that the environment, both operating system and computer hasdware, as well as the goal and objectives of this project be clearly defined.  Gathering this information will help formulate the tools needed, develop the usability both internally and externally and ultimately design an effective database.

Application and Database Design
By creating a custom-defined database schema, and architecture, we are able to help you meet your informational search, analysis, and presentation needs.  This custom database solution may be standalone or integrated with your current operational or accounting based system.  These systems may include Great Plains, Financial Edge or QuickBooks Accounting.

The software design document identifies and details the database features and functionalities.  Planning phases are prepared to typically included the procedureal flow of the system, the goals and objectives, the usability, the security requirements and the testing of the application. 

Rapid Application Development
Depend on us to develop and deploy your new applications.  Whether your solution is custom-made or integration tools designed to integrate with off-the-shelf software systems, we implement it on schedule. Our company has developed and implemented custom applications for small to large companies in many different industries.

Our experienced developers build database systems utilizings Microsoft Visual Studio products as well as Microsoft Access and Microsoft's SQL platform.

Implementation, Training and Support
Implementation and training strategies are developed with the client to ensure correct functionality and usability.  Project goals and objectives are reevaluated for software acceptance.  Engaging the users from project start to finish are key to a successful implementation.  On going help desk support continues to assist in maximizing the use of the system.

Software Development, Network Design in Rocky Hill, CT

Our skills include database architecture, user interfaces, and data feed management. As well, we are experienced in creating scalable, and flexible systems with strong data quality controls.

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